Laying stress on the indispensible nature of strategy is this quote-

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

        Every aspirant who has taken this CLAT Mock test will agree with the view that the full form of the abbreviation CLAT should be Common Law Admission test. Having mentioned that everyaspirant should have a strategy to make his/her way past this CLAT. Is time management the key or is putting in long hours the way to success for CLAT? My personal opinion based on cent percent experience says that the strategy to crack CLAT, this test is a mix of plethora of factors, but some factors show major dominance. These factors are namely consistency and comprehensiveness. Now in order to simplify such confusing terms, an aspirant who puts in a minimum amount of time (threshold) on a daily basis and is consistent with his efforts round the preparation period reading all the subjects such as Legal Aptitude, Maths , Reasoning , General Knowledge on a daily basis (Comprehensiveness) is already half way through.

           Not to forget that if preparation is the practice arena then the real war begins on the date of clat exam. CLAT Mock Test taking is an art or a skill. Every artist or skillful person has been there only because of immense practice in his or her respective art. To profess the art of test taking, every aspirant should stick to doing a hefty number of questions on a daily basis. If theoretical preparation acquaints you with the portion then question solving (practical preparation) acquaints you with the positive results and we shouldn’t forget that is only the Cracking CLAT that Matter.


Best of Luck !!

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