Common Law Admission test, being conducted by NUALS Kochi this year is the biggest entrance test for admission into various coveted law umbrellas in the country. To analyze the pattern of this aptitude checker, the basic touchstone is that it is a game of numbers and speed. The number of questions being 200 that are to be attempted in 120 minutes, that too with the explosive threat of negative marking jingling on the heads of the aspirants. The expected winners in this battle are the warriors who win the race against time and plan the attempting pattern of the test accordingly. The fact of the matter is that every question, may it be from G.K. or from Mathematics, carries one mark only. So. The catch being that the person who gets into an ego tussle with one question eliminates his chances to get through the barrier. It is a strategic choice of the test taker to plan what section is to be attempted at what point of time, the time that should be allocated to each section and what should be the order in which the test should be attempted to make the most out of it.

Keeping all of this in mind while retaining a lot of tricks and short cuts is the real art. Having mentioned that, we should not dare to forget that there is a vacuum for a limited number of artists only.

To end this effort to sum this test, we would like to drop a message for the aspirants for CLAT 2018

Until we can manage time, we can not manage anything else.”

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