Clat preparation

Clat Preparation

The preparation of Clat exam is very exhaustive. Over the years due to the increase in the number of students opting for the exam, the level of competition has increased considerably. Due to the factors of competition and open syllabus, expertise advised to students to prepare under proper guidance. If student has a desire to go in a best law university then it is better to do in depth preparation.For depth preparation we need to go for long term preparation courses, it enhance the chance to crack clat with top scores short term courses increases academic pressure. You need to prepare notes for General knowledge. Static General Knowledge requires relevant material in History, Geography, Economics and General Sciences, and a proper understanding of basic legal concepts and legal reasoning along with basic and advanced concepts of Analytical and critical reasoning. There is not any structured syllabus for clat exam but for subject like maths you need to prepare full syllabus of class X. More practice with constraints of time always helps in scoring good positions in exam of clat.

Preparation for Clat – Undergraduate entrance test

English – There are 3 parts in English in clat exam paper

Vocabulary :Tips for preparing vocabulary for clat exam.
Learn new words and search their meanings.
Take a look at the spelling of the new words.
Revisiting the words you have learned will help you in remembering them till the exam.
Check for all the possible meanings.
Prepare for synonyms and antonyms.
Take up vocabulary quizzes.
Grammar– Brushing up your old concepts of English grammer for preparing well for clat exam. Best ways to identify problem areas in grammar is to attempt error correction questions.Preferred well edited articles. Websites of The Hindu, Huffington Post India, Washington Post and The New York Times for instance, carry articles of a diverse range of topics.
Download grammar apps in your phones.Practice questions, quizzes so that you can improve your grammar and score well in clat.​
Clat preparation – Reading comprehension Divide your time wisely and increase the reading speed. For this you can take a passage and set a timer of 5 minutes. After 5 minutes check how many words you have covered and accordingly keep practicing. Always note important points Always in the passage rather than copying everything.

Clat Preparation-General Knowledge

Newspaper – Read 2 newspaper daily. “The Hindu is preferable”
Monthly Magazine – Pratiyogita Darpan can be very useful
Annual Magazine:Either Manorama or Panorama, will do. Try getting hold of ‘The Hindu- Diary of Events’ which is a neat round-up of all that has happened in the preceding year.​

Clat Prepration-Static General Knowledge

Don’t just mug up the things but try to take interest and understand topic related to history geography and science for better preparation you can  play quiz with your clat aspirants.

Clat Prepration-Mathematics

The level of math tested in CLAT is elementary 10th grade Math. More importantly, it comprises of 10% of CLAT exam. If you prepared well  for math’s you can easily get 20 marks. Prefer R. S. Aggarwal for Clat preparation.

Clat preparation- Logical Reasoning 

Logical Reasoning comprises of:Number test,Directions,Syllogisms,Assumptions/Conclusions/Arguments/Actions,Logical sequences,Blood Relations​,Coding-Decoding,Ranking​,Verbal Reasoning,Arrangements​,Calendar.
One should go for last year exam papers for preparing well for clat exams. Students should take mock tests available online.Learn easy and adaptable tricks and shortcuts to solve the problems easily. The best faculties and expertise of clat coaching can guide you for the same.
Attempt all questions for this you should use time management techniques.​

Clat–Preparation- Legal Aptitude

Law section of clat exam includes 4 sections.Law of Contract,Law of Torts​,Criminal Law​,Indian Constitution.For betterpreparation for clat legal section one should understand law cases. Read them understand the logic behind them. Go for mock test and last year papers of clat preparation. You can check online mock test papers for practice. Practice well and score  high is only
mantra to get success in clat exam.

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